Spotify’s recent update broke it for use on Windows 2000. It causes this error:

Cannot find 'UxTheme.dll'. Please, re-install this application

Anyway, I’ve figured out a solution, no guarantees but this works for me. I’ve cross-compiled the Wine implementation of the DLL for Windows. (I followed the instructions here.)

Long story short download this zip and extract it into c:\winnt\system32 .

Hope that helps. Cheers, Dave.

Edit: Great this seems to be working for other people too.

Edit 2: The latest version (0.4.10) of Spotify has broken Windows 2000 support again. This time the client disappears immediately on launch with no errors or messages. Luckily though the Spotify team have figured out the problem and are fixing it in the next version, here’s the message Magnus left on the support forum:

Magnus Spotify fix explanation

Edit 3: There’s a preview version available that fixes the new problem.