Checkboxes are a bit tricky with, here’s how to get them working:

import web
from web import form

example_form = form.Form(
    form.Checkbox("lovelycheckbox", description="lovelycheckbox", class_="standard", value="something.. Anything!"),
    form.Button("Update checkbox", type="submit", description="Send"),

class grabresults:
    def GET(self):
        f = example_form()
        return f.render()
    def POST(self):
        f = example_form()
        theresult = f['lovelycheckbox'].checked

OK, so that’s a dumb (and untested) example, but it gives you an idea. The ‘theresult’ variable is going to be true or false depending on if the ‘thelovelycheckbox’ was ticked or not.

Things to note:

  1. There’s a bug which means that you have to give the checkbox a value attribute for them to work.
  2. To get the result, you must use .checked instead of the normal .value attribute.

Cheers, Dave.