While making the last Lisp program, I found it hard to visualise the working days between two dates. I ended up drawing these little sketches on a bit of paper to figure out if my program was doing the right thing or not!

Anyway, I decided that for my next project I would make a tool to display the dates for me. I am using Vecto library, and so far I have found it to be excellent, straightforward to use but powerful at the same time.

The code is still rough and ready, but in a few hours I went from nothing to this:

2 Working days visualised

To generate that image I just ran this code: (draw-date-range '(03 07 2008) '(7 07 2008) "2workingdays.webp")

Next up I am going to tidy it all up, fix a few bugs and then get it working with a web interface through Hunchentoot so anyone with a web browser can make their own.

When the code’s less thrown together, I’ll share that too, Dave.


I have been busy the last few evenings, and I have got the Hunchentoot interface working. ‘ere’s a couple of screenshots:


Working Days - Before

and after:

Working Days - After